SKL0 is an artist currently based in Singapore who specializes in installations but constantly strives to hone her skills- be it old or new,
by working with a wide array of various mediums, to name a few: sculpting, watercolor, wheatpaste and spray paint.

Her work is heavily inspired by daily observations and research on the sociopolitical climate, from which she executes through visual commentary comprising of text and imagery.
She starts with a mere question or an observation that quickly turns into an obsession, churning out strings of observatory thoughts that are then processed into deductions fuelled by curiosity. In order to trigger responses, she breaks down her research into sections of field research which includes a series of interview questions and surveys directed to the masses. When asked about the conclusion of her research, she states that it all boils down to questions asked to herself, but are targeted at the public in order to generate critical thinking with regard to important issues in order to prove interdependency within the societal structure we inhabit. By doing so, she tries to bring the human touch back in small ways.

The end results birth new meanings, lent to existing situations by incorporating ideas, messages and emotions with familiar visual codes into urban situations
in hopes of creating experiences and to invoke critical thought on the viewer’s everyday life.

With a strong desire to discover, learn and evolve beyond, she seeks to create concepts and visual pieces that are meaningful to herself,
the community and the environment in which her work is encompassed by.

And all this while, SKL0 has been that voice for Sam Lo, who’s really been doing all the work all along.

Sam is also founder of the collaborative platform INDIGOISM, founder of the now defunct Singaporean platform RCGNTN and member of urban art collective RSCLS.


As well as some selected media and everywhere else.