“The Uprising”

‘The Uprising’ – Colour sample
Original custom sculpt on resin Stormtrooper with polymer clay; pictured is a hand-painted resin cast of the original sculpt

Was invited to customise a Stormtrooper helmet for production with FLABSLAB. Launching at this year’s STGCC 2014.

‘The Uprising’ will be released in a very limited quantity, a collaborative project produced by FLABSLAB and sculpted by yours truly. ‘The Uprising’ is a continuation of ‘Rebel!‘ and inspired by the power of the people over authority. This version sees Chief Chirpa leading the next wave, wearing the Stormtrooper helmet as a trophy.

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“Your Father Throne”

“Your Father Throne” is the (almost) ultimate chair for the lazy man. Fitted with necessities so you’ll never have to leave your seat– unless it’s to the bathroom; ‘Your Father Throne’ comes with a universal remote, cotton buds, vaseline, tissue paper, a handy holder for your drinks and chips- all within reach. The chair also comes with a bell which you can ring for service as well as a comfortable cushion for lonely nights. Who said losing friends and weight gain can be a bad thing when your best buddy is there for you every night?

My take on the OSIM uDiva as part of Art Outreach‘s charity cause, Art of Shopping.

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Incubation + Thank You

After a crazy year of trials and tribulations, plenty of work opportunities and less for well-rested breaks and sleep, I realised that I haven’t had the time to really focus on perfecting my craft in a proper period of artistic incubation, let alone update this blog as much as I should. The learning journey is never ending and should never be taken for granted, so rather than let the posting frequency slip I’ll be taking a break from this blog for a bit to fully concentrate on my work and more importantly, my learning process.

If you’d like to stay in touch, you can head over to my instagram feed and facebook page for new explorations and adventures I’ll be embarking on this brand new journey in 2014. This new year it’s all about going back to my roots, rediscovery, and the good old DIY-or-Die ethos. But for now, I need a nice long break.

Much love.




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"Georgetown, I love you but.." : Penang 2013

Was in Penang over the weekend to visit my paternal grandmother as well as reconnect to the place I was once familiar with. A lot has changed in Georgetown over the past few years, yet nothing has changed in most parts of Penang.

It doesn”t take long to notice the number of tourist friendly attractions, the number of tourists, the numerous cafes and hipster joints popping up all over Georgetown- it is slowly changing to become the art attraction that it is striving to be. Though looking to be a positive change in terms of tourism, economy, awareness and exposure of street art, increase in jobs created etc.Jeu de casino en ligne “The Flash Velocity”, une machine à sous proposée inspirée du personnage de Flash Gordon, un super-héros également connu en France sous le nom de “Guy l’Eclair” et qui a fait son apparition dans le très connu DC Comics., a general feeling of loss was also felt. As I walked down Chew Jetty (a heritage area, a little way down and similar to Armenian Street), it wasn”t hard to notice that people lived here on the water; it was a personal space. Even though some residents set up shop and benefited from the tourists walking through their homes, there were signs on some homes which said “No Photography”. Other shops around the nooks and crannies of Georgetown had signs saying “No Tourists When Work is in Operation”. It is also interesting to note the number of murals in Georgetown especially Armenian Street, which are mostly commissioned. Non-commissioned pieces were swiftly removed by authorities (my tag was removed in 2 days) in the heritage/ tourist-y places while others stayed.

Though there was plenty of street art around and I should be happy, I couldn”t help but feel conflicted. Is this another facade, and what is this change that is about to come, and to what extent will it affect the residents?


“Georgetown, I love you but.”
Series of street interventions

This series was created as a reaction to these spaces, commenting on the state of street art and its relation to public and government perception. The medium used were store-bought signs typically found at neighbourhood shops promoting a sale or a product.


But of course, I had fun too. Thank you Penang.

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'Peer Pressure' at The KingBrown Show

“Peer Pressure”

Intense erasing on brown paper 

Was invited by the kind people of KingBrown and Kult to be a part of this group show alongside casino jameshallison amazing friends and artists. Thanks Sheryo and Yok!

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The LIMPEH Series: Influence

The LIMPEH Series #6: ‘Influence’
Spray paint on mirror

Dimensions 0.8m x 1.2m 

Whether we like it or not, we have become products of this utopia/ dystopia, the long arms of the system have found their way to us and manifests itself in us- our behaviour is a reaction to the system. We dissociate ourselves from behaviour we do not condone, but yet we are one.

Commissioned for a private collector.

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SKL0 x Mighty Jaxx: 'Cultured' Collectible and Prints at STGCC 2013

It was an awesome first time experience at this year”s STGCC, thank you Mighty Jaxx for believing in my vision and for you guys who came down to support the pre-order!

My debut at STGCC saw the launch of the “Cultured” series of toys and limited prints translated from an earlier artwork/ series of paintings I did based on the concept of culture and what is perceived of it. Themes of consumerism run synonymous throughout this series, which have contributed heavily to the entire concept- from the use of different mediums like resin toys, prints and canvas to mass online casino reviews production. With some wordplay involved, the vessel takes form of a popular cultured milk drink, a product that rings a familiar bell to many.

The prints are sold out, but you can get your hands on the Cultured resin collectibles now at Mighty Jaxx, even if you”re all the way across the universe and homesick. We got your back.

You can also check out the reviews of the “Cultured” resin collectibles at TOYSREVIL (thanks Andy!) as well as some live silkscreening action with the assistance of the talented Ratking (in love and stalking her work, check out her IG it”s nuts) that went down that day to make the extremely limited prints you see above.

But most importantly, to all of you who came to support either physically, through social media or in spirit , thank you for making this year”s STGCC awesome for me.

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‘All hands on deck – and on the walls – in new urban art initiative’ – Feature on Yahoo! Singapore

Thank you Sheela for your time to talk about SOLIDARITY21, if there’s anyone who has the heart for what we do and understands us, it’s you :)

Those who have been following my work will know that I am part of the collective RSCLS, and that we created SOLIDARITY21- a platform for urban cultural exchange which we receive support for from the NAC. Those who’ve known us from way back would know that we would initiate plenty of street initiatives for the community out of our own pockets in hopes of progressing local street culture. It has always been about the community, by the community, for the love of the community. In recent times, we decided to take it a step further to make bigger progress in this area, and we knew that what we earn as artists isn’t going to be able to fund all that we wanted to achieve. As such, we went through paperwork, an intense interview (imagine two would-be convicts presenting an idea in a boardroom of easily 20 directors, artists and the like) and were awarded a seed grant to realise our goal- to progress urban art culture in all 21 East Asian and South East Asian countries.

I would just like to say, legal or illegal- what matters is the message, the intention, the initiative. SOLIDARITY21 is created to progress the art form through solidarity of all Asian urban artists to raise the profile of the discipline collectively; encourage better understanding through shared experiences; researching and documenting Asian urban art culture from different walks of life- and if doing all this for the love of the art is going to be questioned and judged based on legality or illegality of it, then let that serve as a reflection of the mindset of today. Be discerning, not assuming.

You can read the article HERE.

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An exclusive design featuring a sneaky Esky, only 10 of these tees will be made; hand-screened and made to order. All proceeds from these sales will casino online go to the Moral Home of the Aged Sick, the home I”m currently helping out at. It would mean a lot to see their smiles.

You can purchase the tees here at at $48 a pop. Thanks for the love 

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